When we walk into a home, we take closet space in every bedroom for granted.  When it comes to shopping for real estate, a house without adequate closet space is a tough sell.  There are few who would deny that a walk-in closet in the master is a must.  Massive walk-in closets bring squeals of […]

It’s now April and maybe you haven’t quite gotten around to organizing your closet and getting everything in tip top shape.  You may think, what’s the big deal, right?  How can what’s going on in my closet have anything to do with the rest of my day, much less my life?  But in reality, if […]

Have you ever wished you had more time to organize your home?  Does it seem like the projects you want to tackle will take hours, days, weeks or even months?  What if  you had a few extra minutes here and there throughout the day?  You can get more done than you think in a short […]

“The business of life is the acquisition of memories.”  We can all certainly agree that there is truth to these words eloquently spoken by Mr. Carson on the wildly popular television series, Downton Abbey.  But many times the acquisition of memories involves the acquisition of “things” and the memories or value we perceive are attached […]

It’s that time again!  A brand new year is here and it’s time to make your resolutions.  Maybe this is the year you want to get your home organized.  You will purge, repurpose, build and declutter.  You will finally be the person your dog thinks you are.  Below are a few tips for New Year […]


  With the holidays officially in full swing, you may have family or friends coming to visit.  Perhaps you have one or two designated guest rooms in your home that basically sit empty until people come and stay.  However, you may only have one spare room in your house that ends up being multi-functional.  It […]

Organizing can certainly be a challenge, and our propensity to acquire more and more things makes it an almost daily struggle.  But there is help out there, lots of it.  That wonderful world of organizational items and gadgets never ceases to amaze.  People obsessed with organization can be very clever!  We put our heads together […]

It is hard to believe that November is upon us and it’s time to start decorating for the holidays.  For the organizationally challenged, this is a taxing time.  The thought of digging in crawl spaces or searching overstuffed closets to get the decorations out brings on an instant headache.  The headache worsens when thoughts of […]

When a baby is on the way, one of the greatest pleasures is preparing the nursery.  Even if there isn’t space in your home for a separate baby room, whichever part of the house chosen for this distinction needs to be not only warm and soothing, but also functional and organized.  Mom and dad spend […]

When William Murphy applied for his wall bed patent in 1900, he was motivated by love…..and limited space.  Living in what we would consider a studio apartment, with a bed taking up most of the room, he decided to get creative.  He could not entertain his girlfriend in the same room where he slept (based […]

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